How to use JamSession WordPress Theme with Polylang

Polylang is a free plugin used to translate your site in 2 or more languages.
If you want to use JamSession theme with the Polylang plugin, please do the following:

  1. Follow the steps presented by Polylang here After these steps you should have your site with 2 or more languages defined, a language switcher and home pages defined for each language. Also you should have defined translation for all your pages/posts.
    Tip 1.  If when you access “Dashboard“ -> “Languages” you see this message
    Please fix it by clicking on the specified link.
    Tip 2. Note that the language switcher will display a language only if at least one post or one page has been published in this language.
    Tip 3. If you want the language switcher to appear as a dropdown, you can edit this from “Appearance”->”Menus”, select the menu, and edit the Language switcher, like bellow:

  2. At this point the site should be functional but may not display some information or when clicking on a Video/Album/Photo Album/Event the site would open that content but the site language would be changed.
    This is because we need to enable the translation for the theme’s custom post types and for the categories. This is how to enable this:
    After this operation, for each Video/Album/Photo Album/Event you will see that the language option has appeared on the right side.
    But, please notice that at the moment we do not have any languages set for any of our custom types entries.
    To make all our entries to point to default language, you should go to “Dashboard”->”Languages” and if you see this message click on the link.

    After this, all entries have a default language set.
  3. Next, you should add translation for each category in Video/Album/Photo Album/Event, if you already have a category defined in default language.
    For example, let’s assume we have these Album categories in default language.

    After we click on “+” sign for a category

    we will be asked to enter the translation for this category

    Now, the new translated category will appear.

    You should do this for all categories in Video/Album/Photo Album/Event if default categories are defined.
  4. After this you should add translation for each custom post type Video/Photo Album/Album/Events similar to posts/pages that you created at point 1) using information from Polylang. In addition, for each translated custom post type you should assign the correct translated category.

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