Your website can get to be slow for many reasons, from server settings and domain setup, to badly written plugins or themes, image sizes, etc. From our theme’s perspective, you should not worry, we’ve developed it to get good performance results. But there are few steps that you can make to speed up your website.

  1. First of all, you need to optimize the images used on your website. We highly recommend WP Smush plugin, that is an award winner image optimizer plugin. It will reduce the size of your images without loosing quality.
    WP Smush uses their own servers to quickly smush every single one of your images and cuts all the unnecessary data without slowing down your site.

2. Then, you need to use a caching mechanism that can dramatically increase the response time of your settings and help you achieve better page speed results. We recommend the W3 Total Cache plugin.
While the plugin is really powerful, getting through the settings can be very discouraging. That is why we recommend the following configuration tutorial for W3 Total Cache.


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