How to translate Artemis WooCommerce WordPress Theme

To translate Artemis WordPress WooCommerce Theme into your language, you need to translate both the Artemis theme and Artemis Core plugin. The translation process is quite easy, so please follow the steps below:

How to translate Artemis Core plugin:

1. Get the translation file from the following location:
[your wordpress installation directory]/wp-content/plugins/artemis-core/languages/artemis-core.pot
2. Please open it with POEdit and add your translations there. Then save the translation, and POEdit will generate the compiled version, having .mo extension
3. Please rename this file according to the language that is set in WordPress in Settings – General (ex: for english, rename the file as artemis-swp-core-[language code]_[COUNTRY CODE].MO) and copy it to:
[your wordpress installation directory]/wp-content/languages/plugins/

The naming convention for the translation file is:
[language code]_[COUNTRY CODE].MO
for English, the naming would be:
for German, the name should be:

How to translate Artemis theme:

1. Please get artemis-swp.pot file from /languages sub directory of the theme.
2. Open it with POEdit (free program) and add your translation there.
3. Save the file according to your language as [language code]_[COUNTRY CODE].MO
4. Place the .mo file to
/wp-content/languages/artemis-swp/[language code]_[COUNTRY CODE].MO

All done ­čÖé


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