How to change the slugs for custom post types in Slide Music Theme

What is a slug? In WordPress a slug is the editable part of your URL that you can edit when writing a new post. Please notice that this only works when the permalinks (Settings – Permalinks) are set to “Post Name“. We highly recommend using this setting to avoid unexpected behavior with the custom post types.

By default, the URLs for the custom post types used in Slide Music WordPress Theme (like events, discography, artist, gallery) contains the post type name. As an example, the single video page should have an URL similar to this:
[your website address]/js_videos/bad-and-boujee/

You can change js_videos to something else, according to your needs. Let’s assume that you want to change it to videos. To do that, please navigate to Settings – Slide Music Core Settings, and simply type the name that you want to see in the URL:

After saving the settings, your URL should look like this: [your website address]/videos/bad-and-boujee/


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