Clinio - Medical & Dental WordPress Theme Documentation

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We also recommend you to keep an eye on our online documentation website, since it is regularly updated with new video and written tutorials

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Congratulations for purchasing a stylish premium WordPress music theme. For any question, feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to help you. Please follow this documentation carefully to get started with Clinio theme. 

There are two ways to install a WordPress theme.
  1. Directly upload the zipped theme file via WordPress admin panel. 
  2. Upload the unzipped theme folder, directly on your server using a FTP client.

1. Install Clinio Theme Using WordPress Theme Installer

1.1 Log in to WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New
1.2 Press on Upload Theme button.
1.3 For upload, choose the installable theme zip file, which can be found inside the archive downloaded from ThemeForest.
1.4 Once the upload has finished, click Install Now then activate the theme.
1.5 You will see the following message: 

This theme requires the following plugins: Clinio CoreSlider RevolutionWPBakery Page Builder and Envato Market
Clinio Core - contains the core functionality related to Clinio theme (custom post types, shortcodes) and is mandatory.
Slider Revolution - is a premium plugin that comes with Clinio theme for free. You need this plugin installed to be able to create slides
WPBakery Page Builder - is a premium plugin, and the the best selling layout builder on CodeCanyon. You need this plugin to be able to create a page similar to the front page used for Clinio Demo.
Envato WordPress Market - is a third party plugin that allows you as a customer to be notified when a new theme version will be available.
1.6 Now click on Install link and follow the info message to install and activate the plugins that are coming with the theme.
Please keep in mind that instalation of Clinio Core plugin is mandatory. It is comming with the Clinio theme, and it is required for the theme to work corrrectly. Having the custom post types features in a separate plugin, allows you to keep the data, even if you change the theme. 

2. Install Clinio Theme Using a FTP Client.

2.1 Log In to your site using your FTP client, and enter to your WordPress  theme folder, wp-content/themes. 
2.2 Unzip file and upload Clinio folder to [your wordpress installation directory]/wp-content/themes/ location.
2.3 Log into your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Appearance -> Themes and activate the teme.
Continue instalation according to step 1.5 and 1.6 descibed above.

The configuration of Clinio theme is simple and intuitive. Below, we'll describe how to define configure it according to your needs by defining the menu, using theme customizer, theme settings, adding departments, doctor posts and portfolios. 

Clinio theme implements WordPress Theme Customizer, that provides the ability to change the layout and preview the changes in real time. 
To access the Customizer, please got to your WordPress Dashboard, and select Appearance -> Customize. Your new screen should look like the screenshot below:
The following customizer options are implemented:
  • Vibrant Color - the color used for links and some other layout elements that stands out
  • Menu Colors - colors for the desktop menus
  • Info Bar - colors for the top info/contact bar that can be shown above the menu bar
  1. Menu Bar Background Color - background color for the menu container
  2. Sticky Menu Bar Background Color - background color for the sticky menu bar
  3. Menu Text Color - text color for top level menu items
  4. Menu Text Color on Hover - text color for top level menu items on mouse hover
  5. Border Bottom Color For Top Level Menu Items - sets a border color for the active menu item
  6. Sub Menu Background Color - background color for submenu items
  7. Sub Menu Text Color - text color for sub menu items
  8. Sub Menu Text Color on Hover - text color for sub menu items on mouse hover
  9. Mobile Menu Background Color - the background color for the menu container that is visible on mobile devices
  10. Mobile Menu Border Bottom Color - the color for the border of the menu container that is visible on mobile devices


Theme Settings helps you easily take control over different settings of your website.
There are two places where you can access the theme options.
  1. Theme Settings that can be accessed from Appearance - Clinio Theme Settings, and are meant to offer you theme/appearance related options.
  2. Clinio Core Settings that can be accessed from Settings - Clinio Core Settings, are meant to offer you options regarding the custom post types, contact form recipient email, or booking form recipient email.
Design Options:
Allows you to customize the options related to menu, additional logo, top infobar, global background image.
General Options:
Offers global appearance related settings.
Social Profiles:
This is the place where you should add the url to the profile pages of your band over several social networks. 
Every field that is set will generate a link to your social profile and the proper social icon on the dedicated areas of the website.
Settings related to footer widget area, copyright URL text and menu background color and color scheme.
Contact Data:
The place where you should add your contact details that will be visible on the Contact page template.
The place where you can change the fonts used by the theme.
Clinio Core Settings:
The place where you can set the slugs (how the are shown in browser address bar) for the custom post types, contact form and booking form recipient email.

Clinio theme allows you to add custom post types for doctors, departments, and portfolio. Please check below instructions related to how to add your own data using the custom post types.

How to add a new doctor

Go to Doctors -> Add New Doctor from WordPress admin panel. Add the doctor name as post title, and add the doctor image as featured image. Add a doctor category if needed, or select an existing category that you allready defined.


Then go to the Doctor Details metabox below the content area, and add the specific data. Publish the post.

To add a content or description for your doctor, feel free to use the page builder front end editor, by pressing "Frontend Editor" button.


How to add a new department

Select Departments -> Add New Department from WordPress admin panel. Add the title, and featured image and Publish the post. For the content, please use the page builder front end editor.

How to assign one or more doctors to a department?

On the department edit screen, please scroll to the doctor selection metabox. There, you can select one or more doctors that are working in this department.

How to add a new Case

Go to Portfolios -> Add New Portfolio from WordPress admin panel. Add the portfolio title and the featured image.   Then scroll below the content are and add the portfolio details.

To add text content to your portfolio, please use the page builder Front End editor, for a better visual editing experience.

Click on Publish button

Clinio theme offers the following custom page templates:

  1. Default - default page template
  2. Page Builder Empty Template - this is a page template that shows only the menu and should be use to create new pages, from scratch, using WPBakery Page Builder plugin.
  3. Custom, ready to use Page Templates

Departments - automatically shows all the departments.

Doctors - automatically shows all the doctors.

Doctors - automatically shows all the doctors.

Portofolios - automatically shows all the portfolios.

Blog - automaically shows the blog posts.


How to create a page based on a custom page template:

Let's assume that you want to create the Departments page. 

Go to Pages - Add New. Type a name for your page.

Go to Page Atributes meta from the right side of the content area, and change the page template from the default value (Default Template) to Departments.

If you want to add additional content, below the auto generated one, please use the front end editor.

Click on Publish button.

For custom page templates, it is not necesarily to add content, but if you want additional content below the auto generated one, feel free to use the front end editor.



Clinio theme offers you the option to overwrite the global settings for some individual page. In this way, you can add a different background image or color for some page, or you can change the menu colors, to match some image that you want to place in the header area for some page.

Where to find the individual, page related options?

If you edit a page, or a post, and scroll below the content area, you'll find the custom meta boxes that we've created for Clinio. These are individual options that you can find on any page or post or custom post type.

How to set individual custom background image for a page.

This can be done from Page Settings meta box below the content area. Edit your page or post and  locate Page Settings meta box below the content area. Choose your image and click on Save post button.

You can also add a color overlay with custom opacity, for better text readability.

You can create a page from scratch, using Page Builder elements and based on the Empty Page Template created for this kind of layout. 

To do this, you need to create a new page, type a title and select the Page Builder Empty Template. 

Then, click on Backend Editor button and you can start adding WPBakery Page Builder elements.

Clinio theme has several new Page Builder elements dedicated to this theme, that are ready and intuitive to use. All the elements can be found in the Clinio category in Page Builder.

Try to add each element inside a Page Builder row element, in this way you can easily set the margins between elements. from Row Settings - Design Options:

By default, WordPress shows as front page the archive page showing you the latest posts. But you can change this and add your own custom page as static front page.

Go to Settings - Reading.

Select Your homepage displays - A static page

Choose the page you want to set as front page from the dropdown.